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Art Commissions

Due to the custom nature of commissions, you must contact us at for a quote. The price of the commission will depend on the size, the number of characters/objects and the style. See below for more details.

Q: Who does the commissions?

A: All commissions are created by Sparks & Steam’s owner, Devin Wineinger.

Q: What mediums do you do for commissions?

A: I use pencil, color pencil, or marker.


Q: What styles are available?

A: I can do sketch, regular and action/dynamic poses. Drawings can also come with an         optional background.


Q: What sizes are available?

A: The smallest size I can do is 2”x2” and the largest is 18” x 24”. I can do any size in-between as well.


Q: Do you make custom bookmarks?

A: Yes! Bookmarks are 2” x 6”. I can either draw both sides of the bookmark, or draw      one side and have themed paper on the other side. I will also laminate your bookmark for durability.


Q: How long do commissions take?

A: That depends greatly on the size, style, number of characters/objects, and how many commissions are before yours. I do all commissions first come first served.


Q: What do you recommend for detailed commissions?

A: If you are wanting a lot of detail, I recommend pencil or color pencil.


Q: What subject matter do you do?

A: I can do pretty much anything. So far, I have done commissions for family portraits, pet portraits, original characters, fandom characters, landscapes, architecture and more. For portraits and pets, I will need decent reference photos.

Q: Is there anything you won’t draw?

A: Yes. I don’t draw anything that is political, anti-religious, or sexual/pornographic, but I can also refuse any commission for any other reason as well. If you are not sure if what you want commissioned is allowed, please email me.

Have another question? Email it to

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