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Autumn Elk Sticker by Devin Wineinger

Autumn Elk Sticker


About the Product

  • Made using glossy white vinyl.
  • Has a strong stick, but is removable.
  • Sun Resistant.
  • Water Resistant.
  • Dishwater Safe (Except when put on glass. Not safe for industrial dishwashers).
  • Microwave Safe (Except when put on glass).
  • Fridge and Freezer Safe (As long as applied at 50° F /10°C or warmer).
  • Approximately 3in x 24in.

About the Art

I came up with the concept of “Autumn Elk” after I went on my honeymoon trip to Montana. It was fall time and seeing all of the forests turning yellow and orange was just so beautiful. I wanted to capture that beauty with this artwork. It took me 38 hours to draw “Autumn Elk” and I created it using marker with gouache for the background. I’m planning to make this a four part series with a drawing for each season.

-Devin Wineinger

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