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Teeth, Red Riding Hood and Wolf Drawing by Devin Wineinger

Inktober: Teeth (Red Riding Hood and Wolf) Original Artwork


Inktober: Teeth is an original marker/pen drawing created by Devin Wineinger. The artwork features a katana wielding Red Riding Hood fighting a massive wolf.


- Artwork is 9" x 12"

- Artwork is unframed.

- Artwork is signed by the artist on the front and back.


NOTE: Our original art is also sold in store and at events. Although, we do our best to keep the website updated (after every event and every Tuesday), it is possible for this piece of work to have already been sold. In the rare case that this work is sold without it being updated on the website, you will be notified and 100% refunded. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Only 1 left in stock
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