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Grief steampunk handmade bookmarks

Grief Bookmark


About the Product

  • Handmade by combining an art print and decorative paper.
  • Laminated for durability.
  • Each one is unique!
  • Approximately 2in x 6in.
  • Labeled with artwork title and artist name.
  • Available with or without a Bible verse on the back.

NOTE: You will receive a random bookmark. You may get one shown here or another one.


About the Art

“Grief” is the tenth drawing in my Mannequin series. My color pencil steampunk inspired series uses mannequins to show emotions and emotional subjects. “Grief” is an incredibly personal piece that I created after a year of experiencing many kinds of grief. Grief caused by loved ones with medical issues, relationship strains, and a number of unexpected deaths. Even though my trust is in Jesus Christ and not the things of this world, it does not make me immune to the deep pain in this world. It also does not bring answers to all my questions and doesn’t spare me from feeling deep sorrow and regret. It does however, provide me with everlasting hope, peace and comfort in my time of despair, worth when I feel worthless, promises of better days ahead, strength when mine is lacking, the knowledge that everything is in God’s hands even if I don’t know why they happen the way they do, truth when my fickle feelings lie, grace when I mess up, and comfort knowing that everything ultimately happens for our good and God’s glory. That is why even though I depicted this mannequin literally falling apart, I added a tree shaped earing. Showing growth out of grief. We never know what things will come up as we journey through our lives, but we always have hope for a new brighter day ahead.

-Devin Wineinger

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